The best laid plans…..

So today I was supposed to go up to the Microsoft Technology Center in Waltham, MA.  I shouldn’t say supposed to because I did go.  What I should say is that I was supposed to be there by 10AM so that when the meeting began at 11, I was there to participate.  This would have required me to be up by 4am to catch the appropriate train to NY and then the Express train from NY Penn (NYP) up to Boston at 6:20.  Alas it wasn’t meant to be.


I set the alarm last night at midnight (when I went to bed) to go off at 4am.  When I woke up and looked up (those projection clocks are awesome) and saw that the time was 6:05 AM, I about had a heart attack.  Not only didn’t I catch my 4:40 train to NY, but I was going to miss the 6:20 out of NY because there was NO WAY that I was going to make it to Manhattan in 20 minutes during the morning rush.  Actually, there’s no way I would make that at any time.  It was at that point I panicked.  I needed to be at that meeting. I  don’t feel I’ve been giving 100% to my work and I had vowed that with 2005 that I would give my all to performing my job at a level that I feel it needs to be performed.  This was going to completely sabotage my efforts.  Even if I jumped in my car at that moment and tried to drive to Waltham, there was little chance I would make it on time and I would effectively lose that time in productivity.  I decided to check the train tables. I found out that I could catch a 6:40 AM that would get me to NY at 7:40.  From there I could take the 8:02 and get to Boston by 11:30.  It wasn’t perfect, but it would be sufficient.  I never showered and shaved so fast in my life and I know that my face will pay for it tomorrow.  However, I did get to the train on time, except without my cell phone.  This would be a critical mistake later.


Bottom line, you don’t travel without cash or cell phone when you don’t know what you’re going to do once you arrive.  I didn’t have cab fare, I had no way to get from south street station to Waltham.  Fortunately, I was able to rent a car from Hertz (“hey you need a cab or do you travel O.J. Simpson”?) and I think I wound up saving money. 


Thankfully, I made the meeting so I could at least feel like I gave it my best effort.  The side effect is that it is now 8:05, I’m on the train back from Boston and I’m not going to be home to put my little girl to bed.  It’s very upsetting and pretty much 9 hours worth of my life that I can’t get back. All of that and I didn’t get any kind of inkling that there is a services opportunity for me to fill with my customer, which was the whole point of why I was supposed to be at this meeting.


I think tomorrow will be dedicated to getting whatever needs to be done in the morning and spending some time with my wife and daughter in the afternoon.  I will feel better if I do that.  Fact is that I have some additional electric to run at my place anyway and realistically, I want to see my daughter while she’s in a good mood.  Next time, I’ll have a better way and a book because I worked like a dog on the train going up to Boston, but was I bored on the way back.  I wasn’t alone, per se.  There was a young woman sitting across the table from me, but we didn’t even as much exchange pleasantries.  She was nose down in a book and I was behind this screen either playing games, typing away or trying to organize my menagerie that I refer to as an email inbox.


Cable guy is coming on Friday.  I wish I could say that my entertainment room would be done so I can hook up my HD TV.  Don’t think that’s going to happen though.  Sucks!  I suppose I could wait just a little longer though.


So there was another surprise today as well.  My wife told me today she was resigning from the position with the local Chamber of Commerce that she has been working for only the last 3-4 months.  I am more than happy to support her on this.  It is what she wants, no problem.  We’re going to have to tighten up a little bit.  Its not like she was earning a lot of money, but some is better than none, every little bit helps. 

So unless I am able to do something part time (like build computers and do some residential and small business consulting), I am pretty much going to be house poor for a while.  The remodeling has cost us quite a lot and it has to get paid off somehow.  Hopefully this little brainchild I have for starting a business might help.  We’ll have to see.  


About scavali

20 years of Information Technology experience, including 15 with Microsoft Services and Sales to some of the largest and smallest companies in the world, give me some unique perspective on the technology industry as a whole. Now I am the Unified Communications Practice Manager for Janalent, 2 time UC Worldwide Partner of the Year in 2009 and 2010. Combine that with my passion for photography, scuba diving, all things Key West and my time volunteering with the Madison, NJ Fire Department and you will find an eccletic combination of thoughts and experiences conveyed on this blog. Please contribute, I value people's productive feedback.
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