Holiday Road — The Return!!!

So, once again my family and I are out on the road.  This year, we are without my wife’s 17 year old cousin, but we are away for the holidays.  Our plans have us in Key West AGAIN for the holidays (not that I’m complaining) and then up the coast of FL eventually stopping in Port Charlotte and ending our journey in Orlando to spend New Years in the house of mouse.
We’ve left the cold (24 degrees this morning) as of 12/20 to come to Key West.  I would like to say that the weather isn’t that great, but realistically ( 70 is nice and Christmas day seems to be on track to be 80.  I’ll take it.  I’d like to get some diving or fishing in, but I’ll settle for a nice sunset out at Mallory Square with my wife and daughter.  Its bittersweet for my wife considering this is her first Christmas without her mother with us (see earlier postings), but she is handling well. 
I wish I could say the same for the city.  They’re still doing ok here in Key West, but reasonably, Hurricane Wilma really  did some serious damage to the city  The city still hasn’t completely recovered yet.  I’ll provide some pictures as soon as I get my hands on a card reader (which is hard since the K-Mart, Sears and Office Max are still closed).
Let me know how your holiday is and I’ll continue to update this as the week progresses.  I couldn’t go far without my laptop.  I have deals to be done as part of my job (if you want to know more about my job, read earlier postings :).

About scavali

20 years of Information Technology experience, including 15 with Microsoft Services and Sales to some of the largest and smallest companies in the world, give me some unique perspective on the technology industry as a whole. Now I am the Unified Communications Practice Manager for Janalent, 2 time UC Worldwide Partner of the Year in 2009 and 2010. Combine that with my passion for photography, scuba diving, all things Key West and my time volunteering with the Madison, NJ Fire Department and you will find an eccletic combination of thoughts and experiences conveyed on this blog. Please contribute, I value people's productive feedback.
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