WOW, Live Writer is for REAL!!!


So, not too terribly long ago, I attempted to use an early beta of the Windows Live Writer.  At the time it was still a pretty early build so it didn’t really work all that well with the Spaces service, but in all fairness, this was before the Spaces services was migrated to Live.  I’ve been using Word 2007 Beta for some offline blogging against Spaces and I was happy with it, but recently, I have been encouraged to take another look at the Live Writer Beta.  Holy Crap!  Now I can’t speak for its integration with other Blogging sites and technologies, but in all serousness:


Seriously, this has to be the best tool I’ve seen Microsoft release in Beta in a long time.  What do I mean, well, aside from the fact that I can offline blog and the tool has already downloaded the information about my blog’s format, theme and style for posting.  In otherwords, the graphics for the theme of the tropical paradise that I have selected show up inside the tool as part of it.  The different types of text that are used in the blog have been detected and thus are automatically used when I’m blogging.  The format doesn’t need to be changed at all. Finally, built into the tool is the easy ability to add photos or Windows Live Maps.  So if I wanted to show you where I spent the 2 weeks I was on vacation, I could show you one map of Southern Shores, NC (we were in a house on the ocean side)

and I could show you an overhead of the Galleon in Key West, FL (I included another pushpin where you can find the Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie store on Front Street in Key West).

This is simply the most useful and functional beta that I’ve seen in a long time. 

So you should be thinking to yourself, ‘so where do I get this great tool?’.  That’s easy enough, the Windows Live Writer team has their own ‘space’ on Spaces here The Windows Live Writer team.  Give the tool a try, you have nothing to lose.  Really.  I pick this over the new functionality in Word 2007 anytime.  One reason in particular is the extensibility of this tool.  There are currently, 3 add-ins already that include a plug-in that allows you to browse a Flickr repository to attach an image from Flickr to a blog post.  Too cool.  I’m hoping something this functional might actually encourage me to include more posts to this site.  That would be terrific since that was the point of doing this ot begin with.  Anyway, sounds like the baby is stirring so I should get going.  I’m on call to do all the feedings tonight.


About scavali

20 years of Information Technology experience, including 15 with Microsoft Services and Sales to some of the largest and smallest companies in the world, give me some unique perspective on the technology industry as a whole. Now I am the Unified Communications Practice Manager for Janalent, 2 time UC Worldwide Partner of the Year in 2009 and 2010. Combine that with my passion for photography, scuba diving, all things Key West and my time volunteering with the Madison, NJ Fire Department and you will find an eccletic combination of thoughts and experiences conveyed on this blog. Please contribute, I value people's productive feedback.
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